Inchcalc # CER SSL S

Inchcalk c. 1196 x 1198 Barrow 1971 no. 7 [part of Kinninmonthshire; granted to Adam, son of Odo the steward, by Prior Gilbert of St Andrews]
Inchcalc 1196 x 1204 RRS ii no. 411 [= Barrow 1971 no. 8; Kinninmonth, with the three Malgasks, Inchcalc #, Ladeddie SSL, CER (Ledethin), Incherech and Ballechodyn (see Ballachton # CER, q.v.); royal confirmation of Prior Gilbert’s grant]

G innis + G calc

‘Island, haugh, water-meadow of limestone’. This is almost certainly the land which later became known as *Limelands, q.v. Two other place-names containing the element innis are recorded in this area in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries viz Incherech, which appears along with Inchcalc at its only two occurrences (noted above), and the Inchelman Burn, probably the burn which issues from St Andrews Wells KMB, on or near the boundary with the lands of Magask CER, SSL, mentioned in a charter of 1263 (Barrow 1974 no. 7, for which see KMB Introduction).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2